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Save time, win more jobs, and get paid faster with quick estimates, professional invoices, and payment tracking, all in the Secure Lien Release mobile and web app


A construction estimate is a document that lays out, in detail, all of the costs involved


“Payment” is the transfer of money, goods, or services in exchange for goods and service

Lien Releases

Lien waivers, sometimes called lien releases, act as a receipt for payment

20 Day Notice or Preliminary Notice

States like California require 20 day notices, which are sent to the owner within 20 day of beginning work on the project. Failing to send one can limit your right to payment

Additional Work Authorizations

The “additional work authorization” form covers the scope of work


An invoice is an itemized list that records the products or services you provided


Client management is the process of overseeing and coordinating projects and jobs

Accept credit card payments with our invoicing system


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The Power of Collaborative Billing

Eliminate future payment issues

After you’ve been paid, you need to submit an unconditional progress or final lien waiver to avoid future payment holds—an often missed step for subcontractors. Secure Lien Release stops those holdups. 

Real-Time Lien Waiver Status Tracking

Secure Lien Release gives the real-time status for lien waivers across all vendors and projects in a single view, so you can identify red flags, enable visibility, and ensure management coverage.

Automated Lien Waiver Processing

Secure Lien Release automates lien waiver collection, signing, and submission for your contractors and vendors, ensuring you get paid three weeks faster and save roughly a week per month on lien waivers alone.

Streamline Your Pre Lien Notice Proces

Finish your Pre Lien Notice in less than 10 minutes. A Pre Lien Notice is a notice provided prior to, at the start of, during, or near the end of work on a construction project. The point of a pre lien varies, but many states require a pre lien notice prior to the filing of a mechanic’s lien claim or a construction lien claim. Depending on state preliminary notice requirements, preliminary notices come in various forms (notice to owner, notice of furnishing, notice of delivery of labor or materials, notice of non-payment, or notice of intent), and must be provided at various times (within a certain number of days of the first or last day of work, prior to filing a lien, or within a certain number of days after payment is due). The Secure Lien Release system takes the guesswork out of pre lien notice and preliminary notice requirements with its easy to use, automated system.

To complete a Pre Lien Notice, just answer a few questions, such as:

Group 11746

Your company name and address

Group 11746 (1)

The name of the company you did work for

Group 11746 (2)

The property location.

Pre lien notices protect your right to file a lien. Here are some reasons to file preliminary notice:

  • In many states, pre lien notices are required to secure a mechanics lien.
  • Pre lien notices let the owner know you are working on the project.
  • If money is owed to you, you can send a pre lien as a warning.
  • Maximize the amount of your mechanics lien by filing a pre lien early.
  • Owners who received notice that you are owed money usually investigate.

Types of Preliminary Notices

Pre Lien Notice

If you want to get paid, the person paying needs to know who you are. Secure liens tell everyone you started work and they trigger your right to file a lien in case you don't get paid.

Notice to Owner

Required in states like California on every project when you start work. If you forget to send a notice to owner, you may not be able to file a lien if you run into payment issues.

Notice of Furnishing

Send a notice of furnishing right when you begin work or deliver materials to make sure your lien rights are protected and you get paid for work you performed.

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